Photo of Terry Paul Reese, Jr., MLIS

Terry Paul Reese, Jr., MLIS

  • Associate Professor, University Libraries
    The Ohio State University

Creative Works

  • MarcEdit

    MarcEdit is a free operating system agnostic MARC editing suite designed to provide both high and low level MARC/XML development to both the novice and expert users. As the sole developer, architect, and primary contact for support; I have created a tool that has become one of the most important workflow/batch processing components within many library technical services workflows. MarcEdit has substantial active user-base with users throughout the United States at institutions like the United States Library of Congress, the University of Washington, the University of Michigan and Cornell University. Likewise, MarcEdit has a large international user-base with users from the National Library of Australia, the French International School in Hong Kong and the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in Pakistan. In many respects, MarcEdit is a benchmark for other vendor-based metadata software packages in that MarcEdit provides:
    1. MARC Editing functionality, including the ability to move between charactersets (something only MarcEdit does), provides a MARC text editor, a built-in scripting language.

    2. Z39.50, OAI, SRU and OpenSearch functionality to allow users to retrieve and capture metadata from thousands of sources.

    3. XML API that allows users to move seamlessly between XML and non-XML metadata schemas.

    4. Validation tools to provide a rapid method for record validation when dealing with large batch record sets.

    In the over 15 years since I first started developing MarcEdit, the application has become one of the most recognizable and used applications in the library community. To put MarcEdit’s popularity in perspective, DSpace, the tool that runs the OSUL Institutional Repository, has approximately 1300 installations (DSpace Registry; MarcEdit, based on January 2014 usage logs, reported 18,000+ active users, from over 170 different countries/administrative units, and was executed 110,000+ times in Jan. 2014. From June 2013 to Jan. 2014 (new logging host) – MarcEdit was executed approximately 1 million times, with approximately a quarter of these usages coming from outside of the United States.