Photo of Andrew S. Bowman

Andrew S. Bowman

  • Assistant Professor, Veterinary Preventive Medicine
    The Ohio State University
  • 1920 Coffey Road
    Columbus, Ohio 43210
  • Phone: (614) 292-6923
    Fax: (614) 292-4142


  • I started as an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine in August 2013. My appointment in the College of Veterinary Medicine has been defined as 50% research and 50% teaching since my hire. Before my return to academia, I was a practicing veterinarian for three years, all of which were focused on food animal production. This primarily swine oriented private practice experience allows me to have a good rapport with pork producers and I now serve as a liaison between the University and the swine industry. During my formal education and private practice work experience, I gained expertise in the fields of veterinary preventive medicine, veterinary public health, epidemiology of influenza A virus, zoonotic diseases, swine health and production, veterinary epidemiology, and applied field research. I became certified as a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine in 2014.

    Currently, my research is focused on epidemiology and ecology of influenza A viruses in animal populations. I am presently leading several integrated and collaborative research projects focused on mitigating zoonotic transmission influenza A virus at the swine-human interface. This work has been primarily in the context of exhibition swine and agricultural fairs. Previously completed and ongoing projects in this area have led to international recognition and collaborative efforts various universities, institutions and state and federal agencies. Additionally, surveillance of influenza A virus in wild bird populations has been

    I am enthusiastic about teaching and have taught in undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses. My teaching interests include swine health and production medicine, infectious disease control and prevention, emerging infectious diseases, veterinary public health, veterinary preventive medicine, and veterinary epidemiology. I am particularly passionate about teaching scientific methods and research principles through student mentorship. I believe that developing critical thinking skills in my mentees is one of the most important aspects of this teaching effort.